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New Years resolutions don’t work!

Happy New Year to you all! Hope 2013 will bring you health, excitement, adventures, fun, laughs (loads) and anything you wish and are working hard on.

It is New Year and many, many of us set New Years resolutions. Put a list together (either written or mentally) things we want to improve, achieve, get rid of, become better etc. The majority are probably loss weight, become fitter, start running, eat healthier, reduce alcohol consumption… You get the picture. So we are all set and ready to attack. We are so excited, motivated, full of energy, running to the shop and buy things we never though of buying (we don’t even know if we need it, how to use or what this thing does and if the claims are true), joining gym… We can visualise our goal, we know what we have to do. Until…..
Let me tell you the truth – New Years Resolutions don’t work! Boom! I know we don’t like to hear it or acknowledge that fact. But that is the truth. And why? Because they won’t last long, we get tired and bored, we get frustrated, we lose motivation, then the time issue, other commitments, other excuses, bad weather and and and. So after only few weeks we get somehow deflated, realise that it is harder than it seemed at the beginning. So what is the solution?

1. Don’t set New Years resolutions. It is good to have a starting point and 1st January seems like a good date to start something new (or get rid off) but somehow this particular date seems to be associated with a lot of pressure, from society. Start any day, any time. Start now!

2. Do it in stages. Step-by-step. Change, say two things first. For example, start walking more and eat more fruit and veg a day instead of bread or drink more water instead of soda/coke. See how it goes for few weeks, how you feel (and your family), once you got confident and comfortable, then change a few more of your habits. And so on. Be experimental with ingredients, recipes. Read the rest of this entry »

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