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Abdominal (core) strength training aids portion size control?

Something the two of us have been discussing today is the effect that having a well-trained and strong ‘core’ (specifically the abdominal wall) could have on the function of the digestive organs, and whether this effect could help in controlling portion size of the food we eat…?

Irina has been particularly good at developing a serious core strength over recent months, using many different exercising techniques (which we will be blogging about separately soon). Recently she has been noticing that she feels full from eating less food than previously was the case. I have also noticed that my portion sizes in general are smaller now than they were several years ago, as my fitness levels have increased.
So perhaps there is some link?

From researching online I can’t find a huge amount specifically on this subject.

Some things I’ve found relating to health benefits of abdominal strength training (by no means an exhaustive list!):

  • It improves overall stability;
  • Promotes good posture
  • Can reduce back pain / weakness
  • Improves breathing under increased effort
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Added protection of internal organs
  • Improves digestive function

These last two we find of great interest for this discussion… Read the rest of this entry »


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Diet Changes….

Since my blog New Breakfast Routine I have been improving my Breakfasts on daily basis. The big bowl of muesli, oats, porridge, seeds etc with soya milk and grapefruit has been replaced with more varieties. I do still have the same ingredients (plus eggs) but in different style and definitely watching my carb intake in the morning. I also believe that I have been having too much soya milk in the day (I do use soya milk in my tea). I do have a slight suspicion (and please let me know if I am wrong here) that never-less soya milk is a good alternative to standard milk but in bigger quantities it might not be good for you at all. Especially I was feeling the effects 2-3 hours after having breakfast. (Any comments on this subjects are welcome or if anyone has similar experience).

In such short time I can see the improvements already. Since now having eggs for breakfast 4-5 times a week I feel that I got leaner but at the same time I do have the same amount of energy, feel fuller for longer and have a much more comfortable feeling in my stomach. Not bloated at all (apart from healthy wind :)). Where as before I would struggle with bloated stomach and pain, especially in the afternoon. (!)

Another change is that I am having herbal tea for breakfast instead of earl grey with soya milk. I was doing some research on Iron (as a female I would feel fatigue a lot of times). So I found out that the acids in the strong teas destroy the iron food provides when consumed together or immediately after. I wouldn’t say that I feel better (well I do) but don’t know if it is the new breakfast routine and/or no strong tea/coffee for breakfast.
Perhaps I am making too many changes in one go…..



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