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Timing your running, eating & stretching

We regularly read the excellent Runners World magazine, and I’ve just read this brilliant article on their website about the Perfect Timing for training, eating and stretching to improve overall running performance. Well worth reading through if you’re increasing mileage or frequency.

Of particular interest to me is the mention of the foam roller, which is a tool we’ve been using recently, although I don’t really use enough. I will be trying their suggestion of using it before every stretching session, even the pre-run, dynamic stretching, hoping to see an improvement in range of movement and improved recovery.

If you’re becoming serious about running longer distances, or training for an event, then fitting in some speed work is also essential. In this article is talks about the rest periods between these type of sessions, and even suggests a pattern to include them in your weekly routines, very helpful whilst getting to know your body and how it reacts to increasing mileage and speed.

Obviously everyone is different when it comes to how soon before a run you should eat for maximum energy availability and comfort in the stomach, so that is something to experiment with yourself.

Another great article from Runners World… it makes me want to get out there and run!



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Self Massage for Runners

We’ve just come across this short article on the Runners World website about self massage, which has some good tips to get started.

We’ve definitely felt great benefits from doing this kind of thing. We also use our large firm foam roller on the hamstring area, which we’ve found is a tough area to get a really good stretch into, and after long runs Paul in particular finds this a sore area when stretching. Using the roller regularly (when fully warmed up) has really helped improve flexibilty and recovery speed, and after those longer runs the area is not as sore now.

These self massages also help you to get to know your body and where it hurts most after running and will help speed up recovery and increase flexibilty. We highly recommend this, especially as you increase mileage!

Paul & Irina. 🙂

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Runners Knee

I’ve had to overcome some knee pain in the past year or so and this video posted on Runners World helps explain the issue and gives some good techniques to alleviate it. Often new runners will have an issue with the knees.

When I first had pain I used ice to relieve it immediately after the run and began doing more work on strengthening the muscles around the joint. More recently Irina purchased a firm foam roller, and this really helps with that as demonstrated in the video. Slowly but surely my knee issues have all but gone. The roller has also helped me sort out my over sensitive hamstrings too!

Some people can be put off by the added cost, but we found a great website, Physio Supplies, with a good selection that are not too expensive…

This is an essential piece of kit for a runner!


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