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Pregnancy – Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom Salt Baths = AMAZING!

I knew that Epsom Salt Baths are being used by the professional athletes to speed up recovery after an intense training session. I’ve never tried it before myself and being pregnant I did approach it with care. I thought pregnancy is pretty much the same as an intensive exercise session, a bloody long one too! After all you are carrying, growing and nourishing a human being that demands a lot of energy of you. As it is growing bigger and bigger every day it starts to push on all your muscles. Your body composition and posture is changing. And as baby continues to grow and put on more weight you start to waddle more and more. Plus hormones relaxes joints and ligaments, your inside is going through enormous changes. Rib cage moves apart to accommodate the ever-growing baby. An enormous demand on your body and mind if you ask me.

Before starting with the Epsom Salt I discussed it with my midwife and she gave me her go ahead as long as my membrane is closed.

Benefits taking Epsom Salt Baths during pregnancy (how they help me):

  • natural pain relieve
  • helps with keeping water retention to a minimum or gets rid of any
  • reduces swelling – ankles, calves
  • relieve muscles soreness
  • helps with pelvis and hip pain – the pain is literally gone after the bath
  • detoxed
  • helps with constipation
  • I feel energised and light when I get out

I bought 5kg bag from Westlab. Great price and super fast service.

Happy bathing!


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