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Home-made fizzy drink – A healthier option

With the spring in the air, longer and warmer (ish) days, I do make sure we are both well hydrated for our active lifestyle. We don’t buy any fizzy, flavored drinks. Those are full of sugar, artificial sugars and other ingredients which are not good for your body and mind.

We make our own flavoured fizzy (or still) drinks. It is so simple. Actually it doesn’t get simplier than this.

Take a big jug, a few slices of lemon/lime/orange, a handful of frozen berries, add either sparkling or still water. You can also add few extra ice cubes if you like a big cooler. Leave for 20-30 min so the flavours and colours come out of fruits. Done!

You can also use cucumber and add few herbs like mint, basil or parsley for more savory flavour.


Irina. 🙂

Home-made drink


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Christmas Eve Dinner for Two – Cranberry relish

Making things ahead is the key to enjoy an evening. So this morning I made Cranberry relish for our Christmas Eve Dinner for two. It is so simple and delicious (I had to taste it of course). I know I keep repeating myself but why buy ready-made when you can make at home in no time and you are in control what gets in and what stays out. When I find a recipe I like and try out, I always add my personal touches or adjust the ingredients to make it healthier. It almost like a OCD 🙂

1 Orange
4cm ginger piece (I love ginger it gives such warm and spicy taste)
500g fresh cranberries (or you can use frozen)
50g caster sugar
1 tablespoon honey
splash of port wine
pinch of sea salt

Wash the orange is warm water to get rid of the wax (unless you are using unwaxed one). Than use a zester to remove the skin of the orange (if you don’t have a zester, peel the orange with veg peeler (avoid white bitter pith) and then cut into Juliette strips). Put aside. Juice the orange and put into pan with the sugar. Bring to boil and simmer until you get caramelised thick sauce. In the meantime peel the ginger and grate. Also I used the zester to get some nice strips same as the orange. To give a bit of bite and texture.
Put orange peels and ginger into the pan to the caramelised orange juice/sugar with splash of port, bring to boil and add cranberries. Simmer everything until the cranberries start to pop and you have a nice almost like jammy texture, add honey and pinch of sea salt. Taste!
Done! Cool, put into jar into fridge, ready to use. Actually we will have some tonight with the home-made chicken liver pate. Can’t wait!


P.S. I found a jar today…. 🙂



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