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(Un)planned Rest Days

Two Rest Days in a row? Not for me…. Unless…

Since my last 10k on the treadmill in a stuffy gym (which to be honest with you, I regret now, as I think I’d “opened myself” to the germs), I am feeling unwell. First I was aching all over the body (I am just not good running on the treadmill). And now, I came down with a cold…. again. Despite healthy eating and loads of fresh fruit/vegtables, especially citrus fruit, I got the common cold. (no, I don’t want to feel sorry for myself…. :)). As a very determined person, who schedules runs, TRX, course work, full-time job and of course some quality time with my man a whole week in advanced, it is a bit of a set back for me not being able to follow it through. But from past experiences, I am more sensible now and know when to stop and have an extra rest day. Let the body recover and heal!

But never the less I think I found a way to do some exercises and get the muscles working despite not being 100%.

Today when I got home from work, I was very cold (I was freezing cold all day, despite having worn layers). The scheduled 6k somehow didn’t seem to be a good idea and my throat is very sore, which certainly the cold air wouldn’t do good. So I thought to myself, why not have a hot bath and after that do some stretching exercises and foam roller?!

That is exactly what I did. 20 minutes in the hot bubble bath, out, wrapped up in warm clothes and a hat (I know is a bit silly to wear a hat in the house) and on the floor. It felt great! Not only because I was doing those exercises but also in the mind which is also a very important factor to me.

Hope my body will appriciate the extra Rest Day and I will be on the road in no time.

Happy stretching/foam rolling! 🙂


P.S. We bought this travel size massage roller which is great. You can controll the pressure better if your thighs are particullary sore.

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Self Massage for Runners

We’ve just come across this short article on the Runners World website about self massage, which has some good tips to get started.

We’ve definitely felt great benefits from doing this kind of thing. We also use our large firm foam roller on the hamstring area, which we’ve found is a tough area to get a really good stretch into, and after long runs Paul in particular finds this a sore area when stretching. Using the roller regularly (when fully warmed up) has really helped improve flexibilty and recovery speed, and after those longer runs the area is not as sore now.

These self massages also help you to get to know your body and where it hurts most after running and will help speed up recovery and increase flexibilty. We highly recommend this, especially as you increase mileage!

Paul & Irina. 🙂

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Daily Stretching

With increased running mileage comes a higher awareness of how the muscles are feeling. Since we’ve been running, we always warm up a little and have a gentle stretch of the key muscles before we start, followed by a deeper and longer stretch of these muscles after the run, when fully warmed up.

The morning after a long run I would wake up feeling a little stiff from the previous days endeavours, so we started stretching in the mornings, right after jumping out of bed.

Its been a revelation! Now after several more months, we stretch the major muscle groups every morning without fail, before doing anything else (well, except for maybe a pee! 😉 ). Obvious benefits we have seen are; increased flexibility, quicker recovery, better balance & stability and a better feeling of wellbeing each day. Read the rest of this entry »

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