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Pregnancy – Sciatic Nerve

My pregnancy was an easy ride. Apart from feeling exhausted (which is part of the pregnancy) and spinning mind I must say I am very lucky to come that far with no major complications.

But there is one “complication” I have development at about 24/25 weeks. Sciatic Nerve.
The cause: Baby is resting either its head or shoulder on my sciatic nerve. (yes, baby was head down from very early stage. All those ball exercises I’ve been doing from the beginning of the pregnancy seem to work).
Symptoms: My left thigh is numb and has been since then. I don’t feel any pain but is very uncomfortable and just feels weird. But since the baby has grown and put on some weight it does get very, very uncomfortable and painful when walking. Loads of times I just have this pin and needles feeling.
“Cure”: Not much you can do, unfortunately. What I found helps me to relieve this uncomfortable feeling (and pain) is to lie on left side for 10/15 minutes and make baby move. But what I really like and what helps me very quickly is to kneel over the exercise ball on all four. That way baby gets loads of room (it feels like he/she is in the hammock) to move or “dropping” even if only few milliliters from the sciatic nerve. I get instant relieve (even if it is only for short time).

Midwife told me that it will go away once baby is out. So not long now! 🙂



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