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Improving Running Cadence & Mechanics

Since I’ve been more interested in Triathlons in recent months, and plan on taking part in some more this year, I have been looking at ways of making my runs more efficient for that crucial final stage (along with improving my swimming & cycling technique of course!).

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve come across recently was written by Andy Bullock in a small Q&A section of the 220 Triathlon magazine. In it he was talking about the foot striking close to, or beneath your ‘centre of mass’ (COM) and also about measuring and developing your ‘cadence’.

Cadence seems to be the buzzword in running at the moment, and there is a LOT of talk about it. Most opinions seem to suggest that the ideal cadence is 180 (foot strikes per minute), however I also found some research which suggests that this number should be a minimum cadence to aim for.

Why care about this? Well, the number of times your foot hits the floor, and conversely, the amount of time you spend in the air between strides, all has an impact (literally) on your body. The slower your cadence, the more you are in the air and the harder you land on the foot. This slower turn over means there is a higher impact, which in turn could cause more injury and is a far less efficient way of running.

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Since our Half-Marathon….

…. I went down with bad cold a few days after our Half-Marathon. Despite all the preparations and being careful in dealing with people (not to touch my face after hand shake etc). The bug got me anyway. Which thinking now was a bit of a blessing in one way too. For the first time in my life I actually been very good and disciplined and let my body fully recover before resuming running. It meant that my injured ankle had time to heal and I had time to read and think about my future training routine.

Yesterday Paul and I went for 12k run. First long (-ish) run after the Half-Marathon. I had a few days off work so I was feeling very good and thought that 12k is probably nothing and somehow was a bit disappointed that Paul and I agreed to do 12k only. At the start I was feeling great. My body was somehow missing the run. It felt so natural to run. My ankle great, no pain, no stiffness. Superb!

After 30min I started to get tired and a bit frustrated because I couldn’t pick up the pace and increase my stride. The energy sweet somehow helped but I didn’t have the same effects as during my last long runs. Was I too ambitious too soon? Or was I out of shape in such short time? Read the rest of this entry »

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