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Mung Bean salad

This is another recipe of mine which is super easy to make, healthy and so delicious. Very good to take for lunch to work or as side dish with some poached salmon and steamed broccoli. Delish!

–          300 grams dried mung beans (soaked overnight)
–          Generous bunch of fresh herbs – like coriander, parsley, dill
–          1-2 Chillies – bird eyes deseeded
–          1 Lemon and the zest
–          Feta – use original Greek has more flavour and less preservatives
–          Virgin Olive oil
–          Salt, pepper
–          Optional: Pear or carrot (I do shave the carrot with veg peeler – fun!)


Cook mung beans as per pack instruction (takes about 20-25 minutes). Drain, rinse. Leave to cool a little bit.

While the mung beans are cooking chop herbs and chillies put in big bowl. Zest lemon and use the juice. Cut feta in squares. If using pear/carrot cut in nice pieces (or shave carrot). When mung beans are ready put to the bowl with herbs etc. Add splash of olive oil and salt pepper (careful). Give good mix. Taste, season if needed (or add more lemon juice – see my tip). Mix, taste. Done! Cooking doesn’t get easier than that!

Did you know that mung beans are great source of protein, Vitamin C, Calcium and Carbohydrates.

Happy cooking!




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Eggs = Performance Enhancers

I have been avoiding eggs (or was very careful consuming on regular basis) for years. We all heard it before, eggs are too fat, too many calories, cholesterol rich. In short, not good for you if eaten on regular or daily basis, an so on. Well you get the picture.

It has changed for me few weeks ago as I discovered and researched that eggs are actually very good for you, especially if you exercise on daily basis. And during my Sports Nutrition course this has been confirmed and here is why:

Eggs are packed with vitamins and minerals, which are essential for human health. Eggs contain outstandingly balanced nutrition with many B vitamins, Vitamin A, many minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids (healthy fat). And are low in fat and calories! (did someone say OMG!) And of course a perfect source for protein.
But why does my title say “Eggs = Performance Enhancers”? Let take a look at three B vitamins in a bit of detail.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) – also called “The Carbo Burner”
Thiamin plays an important role in the metabolism of energy in all cells because it’s a coenzyme (TPP and TTP) which is essential for energy production. In short, Thiamin releases energy from carbohydrates. Good source of Thiamin is brown rice, pulses, cereals, vegetables and not to forget our good friend the egg.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) – also called “The Fat Burner”
Same as Thiamin, Riboflavin also releases energy from carbohydrates. Riboflavin works effectively with iron which helps to promote red cells blood which transport oxygen. The coenzyme Flavin from riboflavin is needed for the metabolism of carbs, fat and proteins = energy source.
Good source of Riboflavin is milk, beef, spinach (which also contains iron) and our good old friend the egg.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) – also called “Feel the Burn”
Niacin is essential for growth and healthy skin. And like Thiamin and Riboflavin, Niacin also releases energy from carbohydrates. Niacin is used in two coenzyme which are involved in energy production from carbohydrates, protein and fat (and alcohol, but I don’t count alcohol as a “good”source of energy).
Niacin can be found in meat, nuts, beef, chicken and yes, you are right thinking, the egg.

So here is a little bit of scientific evidence that eggs are actually very good for you and classed as Super Food. (or shall we call it “Wonderfood”!?)

Happy egg eating!


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Sports nutrition course – progress

A few weeks ago I started a Sports Nutrition course. Since increasing our exercises, intensity, planning more races next year, and because I always had this “Love”/”Hate” relationship with food. I want to gain more knowledge, understanding and open doors for other opportunities. Who knows where this path will take me.

In only a short time I have learned a lot of new information, facts and myths. Some of which I already knew or suspected but some information I discover, blows my mind. (I wish I had discovered this passion of mine earlier. But it is never too late….)
It all makes sense if I just think of my previous diet habits, routines and how I now approach food and nutrition today. For example I noticed that when preparing a meal (either to eat at home or take lunch for work) I always make sure I have every item of the macronutrients – carbohydrate, protein and fat (healthy fat of course). This change has significant effects on my overall wellbeing. I feel great in terms of energy supply, blood sugar level, feeling in the stomach and further down. But more substantial change I notice is how I feel psychologically. I feel happy, strong and satisfied in the mind and body. Could good balanced nutrition be the way to happiness? Is highly processed food blocking/damaging our brain? I leave it up to your own discoveries as everyone is unique.

Here are few points I discovered as part of my course, which I want to share with you (but maybe some of you already know this…)
The energy value of the foods. We are all familiar (more or less) with the nutritional information provided on pretty much every product in the supermarkets (apart from fresh ingredients/food! Love those!). You know that label that gives you the information about calories, protein, fat, sugar and so on.
Lets take the calories apart and think in scientific terms. Calories means energy. Energy is needed for daily activity and keep us alive.
But did you know that 100 Calories (I know is not much) have enough energy to increase the temperature of 100 litres of water by 1°! So if you just imagine a bucket of 100L of water – it is a lot, maybe enough to have a good hot shower. Next time you do your shopping take your time to look at the calories of the food you usually buy. It will help you ….. and please please don’t go for those fake “low sugar”, “light”, “low fat”, “diet” items. Those are full of chemicals and our bodies cannot absorb/digest them (our bodies just don’t know what to do with them and will store it as fat!). And of course there are other good reasons why to avoid those non-sense marketing foods. Read the rest of this entry »


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