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August Mileage

August was a varied month for Team PI, Irina ran a LOT of mileage again, preparing for the Bristol Half on 15th September, and Paul had his first two swims in a wetsuit, first in the sea of South Devon and then at our local lake Triathlon Training Centre (I’ll blog about that after my next visit).

Meanwhile it is a testing time physically, mentally and emotionally with both of our jobs reaching their [very intense!] busiest time of the year in the next week or two. We’ve been trying to keep the training up (which is also a stress reliever and source of enjoyment), and been carefully managing our energy levels through sensible nutrition.

Paul also went on a two day mountain navigation course in Shropshire at the Long Mynd, with Marshall Cale of Love The Hills, which was fantastic and I’ll need to get out and practise soon to solidify those new skills! Hoping to use them to do some camping/hiking and solo hikes next year.

Paul’s August Running: 17.9 Miles
Paul’s August Cycling: 49.9 Miles
Paul’s August Swimming: 1.7 Miles
Paul’s August Hiking: 16 Miles

Irina’s August Running: 84.4 Miles!!

Irina is penciled in for the 25th Bristol Half Marathon on the 15th, unfortunately Paul has to work that day! However, Paul is hoping to find a suitable Sprint distance Triathlon to fit into the busy next month, watch this space…


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Our Bristol Half Marathon 2012

On Sunday 30th September TeamPI ran the Bristol Half Marathon. A 13.1 mile route that starts near the Harbourside, running under the Clifton Suspension Bridge and back and then around the city centre. Some 14,000 people took part this year!

Last year Irina & Paul ran in their first ever organised races, the Frenchay 10k and then the Bristol 10k. The RunBristol events are extremely well organised and from our limited experience with them, highly enjoyable. Here’s our thoughts on the build-up to the run and the day itself… Read the rest of this entry »


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Keeping track of our Runs

Until July this year we added each of our runs (estimated) distances & times to our calendar on the kitchen wall. In July we started using the RunKeeper iPhone App to track routes, distances & times, and having kept at it, it now provides us with long-term stats… very cool if you’re a bit of a geek (like Paul), and very useful if you’re interested in seriously improving your running fitness, especially for a specific event or race.

The App itself can map your runs using GPS, or follow a saved route. It will also play any playlist you select, or can give training prompts if you choose to use that feature (we haven’t yet). It’s nice when running a distance to get some feedback regarding distance and pace. Read the rest of this entry »


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20km Training Run & one black toenail!

Today we completed our planned 20km training run in preparation for the Bristol Half Marathon at the end of the month.

As seems to be the usual case now, Paul sets the initial pace, with Irina really getting going after 10k or so, and then Irina pulled Paul home kicking a screaming for the last few kilometers!

We completed the run in 1 hour and 53 minutes, with quite a lot of stops for road crossings and with the usual local hills hurting us! This definitely puts us at the pace we want to run the Half Marathon though, so things are going well.

Recovery was aided with our stretching session followed by an ice/cold bath afterwards. We also drank plenty of water and put some salt back into the system as soon as we got home. Read the rest of this entry »

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Another 16k training run, and our progress

Today we ran another 16km’s in training for the Bristol Half Marathon on 30th September.

Since we last ran this distance in July, Paul has run 82km’s and Irina has run 140km’s. Mostly in daily small loops of our local area, which is a nice round 4km, plus we have run several 8km & 10km distances in August too.

This 16km felt easier for both of us, but more so for Paul who really struggled the last couple of kilometers last month.

We’re learning a lot through all this! Warming up before any run is really helping, especially for those first couple of kilometers. Stretching each morning has been helping alleviate stiffness and leaves us feeling more flexible and is also a good way to wake up. Longer stretching sessions after runs helps speed up recovery. Hydrating well during the day before our runs obviously makes a big difference, as does eating good quality carbs such as wholemeal pasta or sweet potatoes a few hours before the run. Read the rest of this entry »

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