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Home-made fizzy drink – A healthier option

With the spring in the air, longer and warmer (ish) days, I do make sure we are both well hydrated for our active lifestyle. We don’t buy any fizzy, flavored drinks. Those are full of sugar, artificial sugars and other ingredients which are not good for your body and mind.

We make our own flavoured fizzy (or still) drinks. It is so simple. Actually it doesn’t get simplier than this.

Take a big jug, a few slices of lemon/lime/orange, a handful of frozen berries, add either sparkling or still water. You can also add few extra ice cubes if you like a big cooler. Leave for 20-30 min so the flavours and colours come out of fruits. Done!

You can also use cucumber and add few herbs like mint, basil or parsley for more savory flavour.


Irina. 🙂

Home-made drink


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Home-made Chicken liver Pâté

Today I attempted for the first time to make chicken liver pâté. And I have to say it is delicious, super easy and so nutritious (when made right). To be honest I am not (was not) a big fan of pâté as it high in fat, sodium and who knows what else – when bought from the shop. But the other night I have seen a very easy recipe to make pâté at home, which I adjusted a bit – well made it a bit healthier.
Here we go:

200g chicken liver ( I was surprised how cheap the stuff is, but next time I will try to get some from farmer. Free range chickens for me please)
50g of Turkey liver (just because it came with the bird)
2 garlic gloves – finely grated
good bunch of fresh basil
splash of Brandy
50g butter (real butter, not salted)
sea salt

Rinse the livers under cold water, just a little bit, make sure you don’t break the flesh as it is very fragile. If the liver has any visible fat, remove it. Also check if the gall bladder (is dark green) is still attached – if yes, remove it, otherwise the pâté will taste bitter. Put on the roasting tray laid with grease proof paper (I used re-usable non-stick sheet, which is perfect). sprinkle with grated garlic, basil and give a good splash of brandy. In the pre-heated oven (160 degrees fan) for 10-12 min. The liver should still be firm to touch but still pink in the middle. Cool a little bit, put in the food processor with butter and few fresh basil leaves. Give a good mix, taste, season. The pâté should be smooth (or you don’t need to mix it so smooth if you prefer it a bit rougher). Put in the jar (or I put in two mugs as I don’t have a jar). Leave to cool a little bit more before covering the pâté with melted butter (to stop pâté from oxidizing). Cover with cling film. In the fridge for few hours (or overnight). Done! Easy, healthy (yes butter is good for you if in moderation) and you know exactly what is in it!

You can serve it with cranberry relish or some caramelized orange pieces on a toasted bread (rye/spelt bread please, keep it healthy).

Bone appetite!

Did you know that animal livers (in this case chicken liven) are great source of Vitamin A and iron? Iron is an important mineral for athletes which transport oxygen in the blood and prevents fatigue.


chicken liver

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