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Frenchay 10K

The last few months have been a bit manic therefore lack of blogs from our side. I have to admit, I really miss it as this helps me to “clean” my thoughts and share it with you. It is very therapeutic…. But hey ho, here we go.

Frenchay 10K – 14/04/2013

Not the best preparation due to long injury and virus infection one week before the race. But I am pleased with the time and the effort. All the aqua running, swimming and core exercises I have been doing in the last 4 months, seemed to work out. I know I do need to do loads of work, especially hill running, speed work and distance before Bristol 10K in hmm.. less than 2 weeks. But I am on the right track and having the right attitude, determination, willpower and pure enjoyment, I know I am back in the game! And it feels damn good! I can say without hesitation that I am an addict! Addicted to running, outdoors, long distances, the freedom, being “in the zone”!

But back to the race…..

Anyone who ran the Frenchay 10K before knows too well how hilly the course is, especially the last kilometre which goes up the Blackberry Hill (outchy!). I even have to admit that at one point during the race I said to myself: blimey the Bristol Half Marathon was much easier that this! (But maybe I was well prepared for the Bristol Half back in September).

I was confident that I was able to run 10K, distance that is well-known to my body and mind. But I knew that the race would be a real test to my injury and the final answer to the question, Did I do everything right?

On the plus side the knowledge from my course (Sports Nutrition) helped me to stay calm and confident. I knew I was well fuelled, hydrated, rested (maybe too much rest) and enough body fat to keep me going. 🙂

I finished in 56’20” and I was on such high after the race that the very same night I entered Frome Half Marathon in July. Wise or mad? Can’t say now but I want my challenge for this year not to be taken away from me.


P.S. I do love my new mug! Frenchay 10K was my very first official race. That is where it all started, the enjoyment, fun, determination, and the questions, how far can I go?!


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March Mileage

Irina’s recovery has gone well and she is well and truly back on the road! Paul’s Bath Half Marathon hangover severely limited the mileage this month, plus the bike fall half a mile into my first bike ride of the month!

April sees us take part in the Frenchay 10k, so we need to get up to speed for that, and then kick on from there for the Bristol 10k in May…

Paul’s March Running: 21.7 Miles
Paul’s March Cycling: 0.5 Miles
Paul’s March Swimming: 0 Miles

Irina’s March Running: 19.5 Miles
Irina’s January-through-March Aqua-Running / Pool workouts: 22 Hours Approx.

Looking forward to our local event next weekend, we can literally walk from home to the start line! 🙂



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Mung Bean salad

This is another recipe of mine which is super easy to make, healthy and so delicious. Very good to take for lunch to work or as side dish with some poached salmon and steamed broccoli. Delish!

–          300 grams dried mung beans (soaked overnight)
–          Generous bunch of fresh herbs – like coriander, parsley, dill
–          1-2 Chillies – bird eyes deseeded
–          1 Lemon and the zest
–          Feta – use original Greek has more flavour and less preservatives
–          Virgin Olive oil
–          Salt, pepper
–          Optional: Pear or carrot (I do shave the carrot with veg peeler – fun!)


Cook mung beans as per pack instruction (takes about 20-25 minutes). Drain, rinse. Leave to cool a little bit.

While the mung beans are cooking chop herbs and chillies put in big bowl. Zest lemon and use the juice. Cut feta in squares. If using pear/carrot cut in nice pieces (or shave carrot). When mung beans are ready put to the bowl with herbs etc. Add splash of olive oil and salt pepper (careful). Give good mix. Taste, season if needed (or add more lemon juice – see my tip). Mix, taste. Done! Cooking doesn’t get easier than that!

Did you know that mung beans are great source of protein, Vitamin C, Calcium and Carbohydrates.

Happy cooking!




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The Bath Half Marathon 2013

The Bath Half Marathon 2013

Yesterday I ran in my second ever Half Marathon, in the beautiful city of Bath. Irina, as many of our readers will know, was unfortunately unable to take part in this event due to injury. I didn’t have the best preparation mileage-wise leading up to this event, but was feeling good and determined to run it for Team PI! Irina came along and offered amazing support, giving me a real boost when I needed it.

We decided to take the train into Bath as it seemed likely to be easier and less stressful than driving in with many thousands of others. Our journey in did prove to be easy and we had plenty of time to get into the runners village, familiarise ourselves with everything and get ready for the start.

The day itself was very cold, and the covering clouds kept it that way for the whole day. Luckily the event organisers informed us via email before the event that if we wanted to wear an old hoodie or fleece top on the start line before the off, then they would be going round and collecting the discarded clothes and passing them on to charities. So I had a 12 (ish) year old hoodie with me for such a ‘donation’! Glad I did, but even so and even in the huge crowd of people, it was still a cold start.

Bath Half 2013 Start Line

Bath Half 2013 Start Line


It took a few miles for my legs to fully warm up Read the rest of this entry »


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Not the best start to our running year & Bath Half Marathon tomorrow!

Unfortunately Irina suffered a stress fracture in the hip during a late December run, and I suffered a muscular injury on the same run, which kept niggling away at me throughout January and into February.

This has resulted in a LOT of forced rest for Irina and plenty of rest for myself. (Although we have taken to the swimming pool to work the body, more to come on that…)

Before Christmas we both entered the Bath Half Marathon after enjoying our first ever Bristol Half Marathon in September so much. Our plan was to increase mileage through January and February in preparation to attack the Bath Half on 3rd March and beat our 2 hour time from the Bristol run last year.

The forced rest has meant that Irina is nowhere near able to sensibly take part in the run tomorrow, although she is now fully healed up (properly) and back on the road again, fighting fit, fully motivated and with new lessons under the belt!

I was able to get some running in through February, although due to a crazy busy schedule (including my dreaded night shifts) and re-niggling of the muscular injury, mileage was limited. I completed 9 miles a week ago, which went smoothly, although it is clear that the full 13.1 miles is going to be hard work tomorrow!

It will certainly be a challenge, but I want to complete it tomorrow for Team PI! Irina will be there to support me, and carry the all important post-race food and drinks. 🙂

Looking forward to enjoying a new experience and I’ll be blogging about it tomorrow or Monday.

Wish me luck!



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Our Bristol Half Marathon 2012

On Sunday 30th September TeamPI ran the Bristol Half Marathon. A 13.1 mile route that starts near the Harbourside, running under the Clifton Suspension Bridge and back and then around the city centre. Some 14,000 people took part this year!

Last year Irina & Paul ran in their first ever organised races, the Frenchay 10k and then the Bristol 10k. The RunBristol events are extremely well organised and from our limited experience with them, highly enjoyable. Here’s our thoughts on the build-up to the run and the day itself… Read the rest of this entry »


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