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Updates on our monthly mileage and any other measurable exercise stats.

February Mileage

February was another tough month, Irina still coming back gently from the stress fractured hip and Paul working hard to overcome the tight muscular pain in the hip / buttock area. (It’s now loosened up enough to take up my entry into the Bath Half Marathon tomorrow!) 🙂

Paul’s February Running: 24.4 Miles
Paul’s February Cycling: 9.4 Miles
Paul’s February Swimming: 1.6 Miles

Irina’s February Running: 9.8 Miles

Looking forward to the Bath Half Marathon tomorrow, and the following rest period! (Although I am working busy 12 hour shifts from Tuesday and will be on the feet most of those days! 😕 )


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January Mileage

Irina being injured meant NO runs at all for her in January (I’ll tell you, its tough once you’ve become hooked on it, to rest fully like that!). After a few weeks of full rest, she used the swimming pool to do some aqua-running to help keep fitness up. More to follow on that soon!

Paul had a niggling injury to deal with, so lots of stretching, foam roller, and some strength work were utilised to get back on the road, although mileage was limited this month. I also used the pool, and planned on upping my swimming anyway with a few Triathlons in mind for this year. Paul is also making a short cycle to work on certain shifts (up a brutal hill in each direction, treating it like interval training!).

Paul’s January Running: 10.4 Miles
Paul’s January Cycling: 23.8 Miles
Paul’s January Swimming: 1 Mile

Irina’s January Running: 0! Miles

Things can only get better! 🙂


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December Mileage

December was an enjoyable month for us training wise, we’d had a pretty good end to the year and enjoyed our running especially. We obviously had the interruption of Christmas, but that doesn’t neccessarily stop us running! Unfortunately we also had some injuries to deal with at the end of December.

Paul’s December Running: 22.1 Miles
Paul’s December Cycling: 30.4 Miles

Irina’s December Running: 44.4 Miles

Brought to a sudden end during a planned long run on 30th December. 😦


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November Mileage

After my statement in October about doing more cycling, I failed miserably until the very end of November, where I started cycling the short (but savagely hilly) route to work! Anyway, our running mileage is ticking along nicely into the winter… after Christmas we will begin targeted training for the Bath Half Marathon in March, so it’s important to keep it going! 🙂

Also, we have switched our RunKeeper settings to indicate Miles as opposed to Kilometers. A lot of our planned races next year are ten milers or half marathons, and it makes more sense to us to start getting used to pacing in miles ready for those.

Paul’s November Running: 33 Miles (53.1km)
Paul’s November Cycling: 3.1 Miles (5km)

Irina’s November Running: 52.3 Miles (84.24km)

Hopefully we will be able to fit some midweek day time runs in over the coming month (safer and more enjoyable than the dark nights after work), although December hasn’t started to well due to illness and a crazy busy schedule!


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October Mileage

Since July we have been keeping records of our running, cycling & swimming distances. September produced epic stats for us as we trained for the Bristol Half Marathon and Bath Super Sprint Triathlon. As the Half Marathon was on the 30th of September and we followed it with some serious rest, our October stats are obviously lower… but we did slot back into our usual running regime quite well.

Personally I only managed one cycle in October, and did zero swimming! I only started doing those in preparation for my first ever Triathlon in September, but I do want to keep them going with a view to competing in more Triathlon next year, so will be getting back in the saddle and pool from this month.

Paul’s October Running: 54.3km
Paul’s October Cycling: 20km

Irina’s October Running: 73.1km

It’s getting tricky with the darker early evenings now to have safe runs after work, and we might have to find some new routes with better surfaces & lighting, but we’re keeping it going nicely. 🙂


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Keeping track of our Runs

Until July this year we added each of our runs (estimated) distances & times to our calendar on the kitchen wall. In July we started using the RunKeeper iPhone App to track routes, distances & times, and having kept at it, it now provides us with long-term stats… very cool if you’re a bit of a geek (like Paul), and very useful if you’re interested in seriously improving your running fitness, especially for a specific event or race.

The App itself can map your runs using GPS, or follow a saved route. It will also play any playlist you select, or can give training prompts if you choose to use that feature (we haven’t yet). It’s nice when running a distance to get some feedback regarding distance and pace. Read the rest of this entry »


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