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March Mileage

Irina’s recovery has gone well and she is well and truly back on the road! Paul’s Bath Half Marathon hangover severely limited the mileage this month, plus the bike fall half a mile into my first bike ride of the month!

April sees us take part in the Frenchay 10k, so we need to get up to speed for that, and then kick on from there for the Bristol 10k in May…

Paul’s March Running: 21.7 Miles
Paul’s March Cycling: 0.5 Miles
Paul’s March Swimming: 0 Miles

Irina’s March Running: 19.5 Miles
Irina’s January-through-March Aqua-Running / Pool workouts: 22 Hours Approx.

Looking forward to our local event next weekend, we can literally walk from home to the start line! 🙂



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Brand new road bike, clip-in pedals & falling off!

Brand new road bike, clip-in pedals & falling off!

A few days ago I took my brand new Giant Defy 2 out for its first long ride. I had been waiting a couple of weeks since buying it as I had the Bath Half Marathon to complete and then needed a little time to recover with a sore knee before attempting to ride my first ever proper road bike for the first time.

I was extremely excited, and also a little nervous! This was new to me in many ways having only ever ridden on mountain bikes or hybrid bikes. I had never used:

  • Clip-in pedals and shoes
  • Drop handle bars
  • Tri-bars (which I had bought as part of the package for future Triathlons, and had fitted just so I could try them out once I’m used to the bike)
  • Road bike saddle(!)
  • Road bike combined brake & gear levers
  • Super thin road bike tyres!

I had taken a 5 minute cycle on it when I first got it home, and everything felt good. The main thing I was worried about was getting used to clipping in and (more importantly) out of the pedals!

So to my ride… I’ve got all the kit on and the bike ready to go… less than 5 minutes into my ride and I hit my first major problem! In fact, this is the first time in all my years of cycling that a car has suddenly swerved unexpectedly towards me when cycling. It was a bad time for that to happen! On my new bike, with such a steep learning curve!

I swerved, successfully avoiding clipping the car. But I have a bad acute angle going at the kerb next to me… I wobble, I try to unclip, I fail, I go down in spectacular fashion! It was all over so fast. I hit the concrete and gravelled ground hard and still fully clipped in to my pedals! Luckily I scrubbed most of the speed off before the fall, but it still hurt. I landed straight onto my elbow, hip and knee, which are now heavily bruised and covered in itchy sore scabs!

Bike fall!

At the time I was in shock for a few minutes. Read the rest of this entry »


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February Mileage

February was another tough month, Irina still coming back gently from the stress fractured hip and Paul working hard to overcome the tight muscular pain in the hip / buttock area. (It’s now loosened up enough to take up my entry into the Bath Half Marathon tomorrow!) 🙂

Paul’s February Running: 24.4 Miles
Paul’s February Cycling: 9.4 Miles
Paul’s February Swimming: 1.6 Miles

Irina’s February Running: 9.8 Miles

Looking forward to the Bath Half Marathon tomorrow, and the following rest period! (Although I am working busy 12 hour shifts from Tuesday and will be on the feet most of those days! 😕 )


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January Mileage

Irina being injured meant NO runs at all for her in January (I’ll tell you, its tough once you’ve become hooked on it, to rest fully like that!). After a few weeks of full rest, she used the swimming pool to do some aqua-running to help keep fitness up. More to follow on that soon!

Paul had a niggling injury to deal with, so lots of stretching, foam roller, and some strength work were utilised to get back on the road, although mileage was limited this month. I also used the pool, and planned on upping my swimming anyway with a few Triathlons in mind for this year. Paul is also making a short cycle to work on certain shifts (up a brutal hill in each direction, treating it like interval training!).

Paul’s January Running: 10.4 Miles
Paul’s January Cycling: 23.8 Miles
Paul’s January Swimming: 1 Mile

Irina’s January Running: 0! Miles

Things can only get better! 🙂


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New road bike! Giant Defy 2 Compact

Giant Defy 2 Compact

Last year I completed my first ever triathlon, and it seemed to hit the spot. I used my hybrid bike to take part, which does a job, but if I am to take part in more triathlon (and maybe some duathlon), plus up my training mileage, I need a better bike. Specifically, a road bike.

My employer is part of the Cycle Scheme, so I have taken advantage of that and am now the proud owner of a Giant Defy 2 Compact! This will be the first time I have ever had to ride with clip-in pedals, and so I had to purchase pedals, shoes, cleats etc as well… I’m pretty nervous about starting out! Hopefully I can avoid any falls!

An update will follow after I get a chance to ride it for the first time, which will be in daylight and in the dry! 😉

Excited much…!! 🙂

Paul. Read the rest of this entry »


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December Mileage

December was an enjoyable month for us training wise, we’d had a pretty good end to the year and enjoyed our running especially. We obviously had the interruption of Christmas, but that doesn’t neccessarily stop us running! Unfortunately we also had some injuries to deal with at the end of December.

Paul’s December Running: 22.1 Miles
Paul’s December Cycling: 30.4 Miles

Irina’s December Running: 44.4 Miles

Brought to a sudden end during a planned long run on 30th December. 😦


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