Pauls Biography

Pauls Biography

I’m now in my forth decade of life and find myself addicted to fitness!

In my youth I took a few Judo classes, but never took to it, preferring instead to play rugby from a young age. I enjoyed the physical aspect of the game, but mostly the structure and skill involved.
Through my twenties I played in the seconds for Aretians RFC, including a year as second team captain and a handful of first team appearances each season. I gave up playing in my late twenties due to niggling injuries and career choice (I thought a career was more important than anything else in life. It took me a few more years to learn I had things wrong!). Also during my twenties I was into weight training and attended the gym most weekday evenings, eventually getting pretty big (muscular) but never really getting my diet right to maintain this correctly.

Through the late 1990’s and early 2000’s I slipped into a ‘typical’ western lifestyle, put on lots of weight, became increasingly lazy, depressed & bored. I was drinking too much alcohol and leading a generally unhealthy lifestlye. Constantly low on energy, lacking quality sleep and feeling pretty depressed about it all. Some days I would kid myself that I would start making changes tomorrow… only to do the same the very next day…

In 2007 I made some major changes in life, dropping a long career in tech-support, selling everything I owned bar a few favourite things which were left in storage, and left on a round the world trip for a year. It was during this time that I realised I had my work / life balance and life priorities wrong all these years, and (most importantly) I discovered a love for the great outdoors, especially being in the mountains.

In 2008 I fell in love twice… first with Fiji and from my wonderful time there I was lucky enough to meet Irina and spent the first few months of our time together in this incredible place!

Since teaming up back in the UK after our adventures we have helped and inspired each other to realise our passion for travel, adventure and fitness, finding the right work / life balance and realising the link to happiness that diet and lifestyle can have. Together we’ve trekked independently in Nepal, camped on Snowdon, learnt to climb, built our own home gym, completed organised running events, experimented with lots of foods & recipes and so much more! We have a lot of fun together, and keeping fit & active really adds to our happiness.

When we started running, I found it hard work, and difficult to motivate myself to continue. But together we found sticking to the changes easier. Being in a ‘team‘ really helps! Now I love running and after struggling to train and compete in our first ever 10k run in 2011, I now find that distance so easy and actually quite therapeutic!

My main motivation for maintaining this lifestyle choice is the energy it brings each day. Granted, there are tired days when training hard, but with the right diet and training choices, life feels better than ever! I also have an ideal body shape and composition that I would love to achieve (don’t we all), and I can see it arriving slowly but surely!

I’m more determined than ever to get where I want in life. Hopefully sharing this blog will help inspire someone out there to make the change that they need to make their goals & dreams a reality as well…

Hope you enjoy the blog, please leave us a comment.



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