Irinas Biography

Irinas Biography

My story starts far far away in a land of….. well say is far from what I have ever dreamt off.
An ordinary human being who somehow discovered passion for physical activities, nutrition, pushing the body and mind to its limit. It hasn’t always been the case.

Born in Kazakhstan as a German national and spent first 12 years there, I have never been into sports, exercises and certainly not understanding nutrition values (we were thankful for having food at all).

After arriving in Germany I was hit with culture shock, variety of foods, language barrier, adapting to western life style and much much more.
My main diet at that time was chocolate, apples, citrus fruit and more chocolate (in any kind of form and size). Pretty much all the stuff I didn’t have as a young child. (typing this shocks me now). With this came the weight gain, frustration, depression but also neglect, laziness, and stress….
This has changed now. After many years of hard work, determination, research, life style changes, diets (!) and finally listening to the body (very important!) and perhaps a bit of maturity too… I know I’m on the right track.

Being a gym member for many many years, I spent endless hours on cross-trainer or stepper and basic weight training. Weight loss was always my main goal. I was under the myth that the only way to achieve it would be by spending hours and hours in the gym (yup actually sweat my fat out). However I never listened to my body and its needs for proper nutrition. Not that I had a bad diet, well it was kind off, I wasn’t eating enough, not enough of the right stuff for the activities I would undertake and actually would starve myself. . .
I always wanted to be slim. Having perfect figure was my dream. But thinking now, what is perfect figure? To be honest with you I don’t know.
All I know is that I enjoy physical excercises and what challenges it brings with it.

In November 2010 at the sweet age of 31 I discovered outdoors running. Never run in my adult life before I was surprised how well I did and wanted more. Something inside me clicked and since then I cannot stop (and don’t want to).
With added interest for bouldering and TRX Suspension training I pretty much dropped gym (I might go once in awhile for a “rest” training session). And of course understanding nutritions, energy needs and listening to body is the key to success.

During our trip to Nepal in March/April 2012, trekking independently in Annapurna Sanctuary, I realised that I can push my body and especially mind further. But how far can I push? That is where the real bug started. I have the high, the motivation and I think the tools (or at least the understanding) to go further and stronger.

Why all this? I want to share my motivation, goals, ups and downs, recipes and discoveries. I will experiment my discoveries and share the results with you – good or bad.
I hope that I can inspire you and give you the tools for maybe a little bit easier start.

Live the life, have fun and don’t give up!



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