About Us

About Us

Team PI is Paul & Irina.

Back in 2008 we both took the huge decision to make some major changes in our lives.
Paul sold everything and left a 14 year career to go off travelling for a year, ending up in Fiji where he stayed for 6 months…
Irina took an open ended sabatical from her job and went to Fiji for an adventure totally disconnected from the rest of world…

This is where we met! Paul was running a guided tour in the North East of Vanua Levu for Tribewanted, and Irina had booked a place on this. It was a magical place to meet and its where we fell in love. Most unexpected for both of us!

We’ve been together ever since and slowly but surely have been reshaping our lives & careers together.

We have also caught the fitness bug, and this is what Team PI is all about. We want to share our efforts in getting to the next level of our fitness & career goals with you. We hope we can inspire you to take that extra step, make some positive changes or finally get stuck in if you’ve been thinking about changing your life for a while.

We will be blogging about our goals, specific training, events, food & diet, injuries, recipes and more.

Who are we?

We’re just two ordinary professional people with busy lifestyles, who have found a way to inspire each other and ourselves. We’ve been into running and bouldering over the last couple of years, and before that both used the gym regularly. But now we want to take it to the next level. Our main goal is to acheive the body we’ve always wanted, but since getting into running, we have our eye on some event goals too. In 2010 we ran in our first ever proper organised run, the Frenchay 10k. After training for this for a couple of months, and really enjoying it, we went ahead and booked into the Bristol 10k the following month, and this then gave us the bug for more training with a view to beating the Frenchay 10k time… it surprised us just how addictive this became, and the obvious benefits of our overall level of fitness and the changes to our body were great! All the gym work started to get a bit boring and we much prefered to be out on the road running. It felt much more free and produced a lot more sweat from the effort compared to anything in the gym! We’ve now even dropped the weight training in the gym from once or twice a week to hardly ever after having found TRX Suspension Training. We’ve setup our own gym in the garage space and can now train pretty much every way we want in there or on the road.

We hope you enjoy our blogs! Please feel free to leave a comment or get in touch.

Thanks for joining us on our journey and we hope we can inspire you! 😀

Paul & Irina




Copyright © 2013 TeamPI (Paul & Irina) ~ All Rights Reserved.
The text and photos on these pages remain the copyright of the Authors (Paul Sloggett & Irina Petzke).
Under no circumstances should the photos or text be used without the express permission of the Author.
If you wish to use or publish photos or text from this blog – please contact us.

All of the articles, ideas, recipes & opinions on our site are our own and although we may offer
advice to the reader, this advice is purely based on our own personal experiences and we are
not qualified to offer professional advice in nutrition or exercise. This is just our hobby & passion.

Irina is currently studying sports nutrition science with a view to achieving some
qualifications in sports nutirition in the future to facilitate a change in career.
Paul is currently studying both personal coaching & psychology
with a view to changing career in that direction in the future.


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