Pregnancy – Sleep

05 Apr

Oh how much I miss a good sleep. Any pregnant woman, at any stage of her pregnancy, will agree with me. A decent sleep makes a huge difference to how you feel, think, eat, performance and of course mood.

I think in the last month of your pregnancy it is nature’s way to prepare a woman what lies ahead of her. Motherhood with sleepless nights, feeling exhausted all the time but still perform to the highest level and have a clear mind. Thinking that way helps me to cope with my tiredness bit better at this stage (it is not always the case though).

So what does keep me awake at night?
Blocked sinuses, don’t get enough air. Probably the worst one at the moment. Dry mouth. Thirst. Itchy skin due to hormones changes (once again). Countless trips to the toilet as baby is engaged and pressing on the bladder. Pelvis and hip pain (!) Logistics of many pillows plus bump when I need/want to move. Hot flashes followed by “deadly” freeze. Cannot find comfortable position because I am huge. Once I found semi-comfortable position baby thinks 2 o’clock in the morning is a good time to perform gymnastics (already showing off his/her skills). Or it thinks that the position I like is no good for him/her and pushing on my organs to make me move (and of course I give in).

Some nights I have semi-decent sleep with solid 3-4 hours uninterrupted sleep (what a blessing!). And than there a nights if I am lucky I get 3 hours on and off sleep which could go on for days. But since being on maternity leave I don’t really mind it as I try to have naps during the day.

We’re already having such fun and it only will get better, I am sure of that 🙂

Happy reading!


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