Excel in your Sport through Nutrition and Sports Psychology

15 May

I am trying to mix up my reading material to gain knowledge, understanding, and facts. To understand the human race, especially when it comes to sport and nutrition. How to excel in sport? What is THE magic formula?
I am lucky enough to have a full access to a well stocked University Library. On alternating days I read about Sports Nutrition, General Nutrition and Wellbeing, Recipe books and Ingredients, and Sports Psychology.

Last night was “Sports Psychology night”. I am reading Pure Sport, Practical Sport Psychology by John Kremer and Aidan P. Moran. And the following struck me. So true not only in the world of sport but also daily life:

“From birth to grave, we grow and as we grow, we change…”
Absolutely! It’s so obvious but still we all forget that every day we live, we change. No day is the same. I find this so empowering and calming at the same time. It makes my hair stand up on the back of my neck ( Am I turning to a werewolf?!)

And it goes further:
“…and nowhere is this true than in sport and through sport…”
Again absolutely makes sense. We train, we change. We become stronger, leaner, muscular. You name it. We change through sport… in a positive way.

“…While there may be core aspects of our personality that endure, we continue to be moulded and shaped by our experiences, and especially our successes and failures.”
Wow that one gives me shiver! Hugely powerful! Hugely important if you want to grow, succeed and progress in any area of life.

Some food for thought.


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