Frenchay 10K

18 Apr

The last few months have been a bit manic therefore lack of blogs from our side. I have to admit, I really miss it as this helps me to “clean” my thoughts and share it with you. It is very therapeutic…. But hey ho, here we go.

Frenchay 10K – 14/04/2013

Not the best preparation due to long injury and virus infection one week before the race. But I am pleased with the time and the effort. All the aqua running, swimming and core exercises I have been doing in the last 4 months, seemed to work out. I know I do need to do loads of work, especially hill running, speed work and distance before Bristol 10K in hmm.. less than 2 weeks. But I am on the right track and having the right attitude, determination, willpower and pure enjoyment, I know I am back in the game! And it feels damn good! I can say without hesitation that I am an addict! Addicted to running, outdoors, long distances, the freedom, being “in the zone”!

But back to the race…..

Anyone who ran the Frenchay 10K before knows too well how hilly the course is, especially the last kilometre which goes up the Blackberry Hill (outchy!). I even have to admit that at one point during the race I said to myself: blimey the Bristol Half Marathon was much easier that this! (But maybe I was well prepared for the Bristol Half back in September).

I was confident that I was able to run 10K, distance that is well-known to my body and mind. But I knew that the race would be a real test to my injury and the final answer to the question, Did I do everything right?

On the plus side the knowledge from my course (Sports Nutrition) helped me to stay calm and confident. I knew I was well fuelled, hydrated, rested (maybe too much rest) and enough body fat to keep me going. 🙂

I finished in 56’20” and I was on such high after the race that the very same night I entered Frome Half Marathon in July. Wise or mad? Can’t say now but I want my challenge for this year not to be taken away from me.


P.S. I do love my new mug! Frenchay 10K was my very first official race. That is where it all started, the enjoyment, fun, determination, and the questions, how far can I go?!


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