Super Soup! (Spinach, watercress & pea)

25 Oct

We’re a little addicted to Spinach & Watercress at the moment. They have amazing health benefits, are packed with vitamins & minerals and are delicious!

I made this soup today, to try and use them in a different way. Really simple, fast and yummy… it’s on our winter menu for sure. 🙂

Ingredients: (Perfect amount for two people)

2 x Celery sticks – roughly chopped
1x Garlic clove
100g Spinach
50g Watercress
2 x Cups of frozen Petit Pois
350ml Vegetable Stock (hot)
Fresh ground black pepper


2 x Tbsp Pancetta cubes
2 x Tbsp diced Red Pepper

First I fried off the Pancetta and Peppers in a non-stick pan with no oil until crispy, then set aside for floating on the soup to serve. You could add anything you fancy here, maybe some wholemeal bread croutons. 🙂

Using the same pan, fry the celery & garlic until soft, add the frozen peas, turn up the heat a little and keep stirring to defrost them (only takes a minute or two). Then throw in the spinach & watercress, mix it in as it wilts. Pour on the stock and allow to heat everything through for a minute or so.

Pour the whole mixture into the blender and blitz it until near smooth, then back in the pan to heat for another few minutes, where you can season to taste with the pepper and a little salt if your stock hasn’t hit the spot already.

I then served with the crispy fried pancetta & diced peppers floating on top and with a nice chunk of fresh spelt bread…

Love the colour of this soup… and it tastes great!

Enjoy, and please let us know what you think if you try it…


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