Diet Changes….

20 Oct

Since my blog New Breakfast Routine I have been improving my Breakfasts on daily basis. The big bowl of muesli, oats, porridge, seeds etc with soya milk and grapefruit has been replaced with more varieties. I do still have the same ingredients (plus eggs) but in different style and definitely watching my carb intake in the morning. I also believe that I have been having too much soya milk in the day (I do use soya milk in my tea). I do have a slight suspicion (and please let me know if I am wrong here) that never-less soya milk is a good alternative to standard milk but in bigger quantities it might not be good for you at all. Especially I was feeling the effects 2-3 hours after having breakfast. (Any comments on this subjects are welcome or if anyone has similar experience).

In such short time I can see the improvements already. Since now having eggs for breakfast 4-5 times a week I feel that I got leaner but at the same time I do have the same amount of energy, feel fuller for longer and have a much more comfortable feeling in my stomach. Not bloated at all (apart from healthy wind :)). Where as before I would struggle with bloated stomach and pain, especially in the afternoon. (!)

Another change is that I am having herbal tea for breakfast instead of earl grey with soya milk. I was doing some research on Iron (as a female I would feel fatigue a lot of times). So I found out that the acids in the strong teas destroy the iron food provides when consumed together or immediately after. I wouldn’t say that I feel better (well I do) but don’t know if it is the new breakfast routine and/or no strong tea/coffee for breakfast.
Perhaps I am making too many changes in one go…..



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