Keeping track of our Runs

01 Oct

Until July this year we added each of our runs (estimated) distances & times to our calendar on the kitchen wall. In July we started using the RunKeeper iPhone App to track routes, distances & times, and having kept at it, it now provides us with long-term stats… very cool if you’re a bit of a geek (like Paul), and very useful if you’re interested in seriously improving your running fitness, especially for a specific event or race.

The App itself can map your runs using GPS, or follow a saved route. It will also play any playlist you select, or can give training prompts if you choose to use that feature (we haven’t yet). It’s nice when running a distance to get some feedback regarding distance and pace.

Paul sat down and transferred all of the July runs from the calendar on the wall into his RunKeeper, but Irina’s distances are only including the last two runs we made in July (when we actually started using the App).

Having been training specifically for the Bristol Half Marathon on the 30th September, its useful to look back now and review the individual runs, plus check out the monthly mileage stats…

Paul’s Running Kilometers:
July: 66.4km
August: 81.9km
September: 126.6km

Irina’s Running Kilometers:
July: 19.5km (although Irina actually ran more like 70km total in July)
August: 139.6km
September: 143.5km

Having also taken part in his first ever triathlon, a Naked Strength Multisport Weekend, novice ‘super sprint’ triathlon distance (200m swim, 10k cycle & 2.5k run), Paul has been tracking his cycling and manually inputting any swims onto RunKeeper as well. (Being just a beginner with Triathlon, Paul will need to do much more swimming and purchase a proper race bike to compete in longer triathlon events in the future, which is the plan)

Paul’s Swim Distances:
August: 700meters
September: 600m

Paul’s Cycling Kilometers:
July: 15.4km
August: 82.9km
September: 25.6km

We made excellent progress in the months leading up to the Bristol Half Marathon. We had to! Most of our runs we complete together, but Irina likes to do early morning runs. Paul’s work shifts don’t allow him to join in on many of those! Now the bug has bitten even harder and we are already planning next years runs…

Paul & Irina. 🙂


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